Assessment & Plan

Get YogAnalized!

a.k.a. getting an A & P (Assessment & Plan)

What is Assessed?

  • A total of 108 assessments
  • Flexibility – Every major joint in every direction
  • 48 muscles for balanced strength
  • Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI) – 3D-Motion capture and analysis of your functional movements
  • Learn what each muscle, joint & Range of Motion (ROM) feels like!

How is it Assessed?

  • The 108 assessments are divided into 4 A & P sessions.
  • Each A & P session last 30 minutes.
  • Monthly re-assessments are done to monitor progress and a new set of  assessments are initiated when you achieve the degree of mastery you desire.

What is the Plan?

Each A & P session includes a Plan that is:

  • Based on your individual assessments
  • Includes yoga pose variations
  • Recommendations for poses (and those to avoid)
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Active & passive stretches to loosen tight joints
  • Actions to tighten hypermobile joints

How to implement the Plan?

  • Yoga Practitioners can implement their plan independently or they can be guided by a certified Level I Specialist (maybe this is you).
  • Level I certified guidance can be done in group classes or through private tutoring.
  • All Level I specialists are certified instructors in at least 1 form of yoga or have a license in a health care profession that utilizes muscle strength testing and practices yoga.
  • YogAnalysis Level I Specialists in training are available at reduced rates.

Who does the A & P?

  • YogAnalysis Level II Specialists
  • Level II Specialists have 700 hours of training

Schedule Your A & P or Yoga Therapy

Go to our online appointment book to schedule your first, half hour A & P session with Dr. John Wallman, or any other yoga service we offer here.

  • Click on the “Select Service” field – choose if you want a YogAnalysis, Yoga Therapy, etc.
  • Click on the “Any Service Provider” field – choose Dr. John Wallman for YogAnalysis, or any other provider for Yoga Therapy.
  • Click on the “date” field – Select the date you wish to make an appointment for.
  • Click on the “Search” button.  If that provider has any appointments available on the day you wish, a list of times available will show up.  Select the time slot you wish, or go back to the “date” field and select another day.

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