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1- It’s official! Our YogAnalysis 101 and 201 courses are approved for continuing education through International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) for Yoga Therapists as well as through Yoga Alliance for Yoga Instructors.

2- If you want to be yoganalyzed to learn how to improve your health through yoga sessions, YogAnalysis is now available at Long Island Integrated Yoga at 2805 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 10, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779   Call: (631) 440-7007 for additional information. Make a yoga therapy or YogAnalysis appointment here. Schedule

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3 – Dr. John Wallman & Yoga Integrated are looking for additional yoga therapists and instructors to work in our integrated facility.  If interested, contact LoveServeGive@YogAnalysis.org

Contact:      E-Mail: LoveServeGive@YogAnalysis.org     

Phone: (631) 440-7007

What is YogAnalysis?

YogAnalysis is not a form of Yoga, It is a system of half hour assessments that help each person gain more self-awareness. The information gained in each session is used to develop an individualized Plan of corrective actions, yoga poses and variations that match your current physical condition. This is the YogAnalysis Assessment & Plan (A & P).  

Why Assess for Yoga?

  • YA teaches you how to “Listen to Your Body”
  • There is less trial and error.  Fewer aches and injuries
  • Your yoga becomes safer, more productive and more enjoyable!

What Is Assessed?

  • Flexibility – Every major joint in every direction
  • Each of your muscles for balanced strength
  • Functional Movement – using Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI) to do 3D Motion Capture, every joint and muscle is measured for sequencing, timing and movement capabilities while doing specific activities. It is the biomechanical “Stess Test” to see how your body puts it all together.
  • You learn what each muscle, joint, Range of Motion and healthy movement feels like!

The YogAnalysis Plan

After each assessment session, we combine your test results with your goals to develop a customized plan of:

  • Yoga pose recommendations
  • Poses to avoid
  • Pose variations
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Active & passive stretches

Implementing The YA Plan

  • Clients may implement their YogAnalysis plan on their own or…
  • Work with a YogAnalysis instructor in private 1 on 1 lessons for as long as they wish, to ensure they are doing the recommendations correctly.

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“The A & P helped address my issues by pinpointing where weaknesses- and therefore- potential injuries were.  I was given a concrete set of exercises to perform to strengthen the areas that needed it.  The result was much better form to the poses,  no injuries, and a definite improvement to my practice.
I would absolutely recommend YogAnalysis to friends and clients. Knowledge is power. Being educated about your body and receiving the tools to improve it is invaluable. Thank you YogAnalysis!”

Laura D.

“I could not understand why certain poses were always tricky for me. I also couldn’t understand why I would struggle balancing on my left side but not on my right.  I learned that I had weaknesses in certain areas that made certain poses challenging. I was given exercises to help strengthen these spots!”  “It helps you better understand your body and your practice!”

Kristen N

“Having been a runner for 18+ years when I began my practice, I brought my athletic history to the mat.  I had real concerns about whether I was further injuring myself . At times, my practice would leave me in pain and just “listening to my body” was not enough.

YogAnalysis used 3 parts in its assessment, Computer Movement Imaging, Range of Motion testing and individual muscle strength assessments.  It really drilled down to my specific needs to provide a customized practice that will not only protect my joints, but also modify my poses so that I can improve my knees!  YogAnalysis gave me the awareness & knowledge to ensure that I can continue practicing yoga, confident that I am not injuring myself. It feels amazing!

I recommend YogAnalysis to my friends & clients because I am confident that the information gained from the A & P will help practitioners and yoga instructors develop a safe practice. It answers the question many people ask, “How do I know if I am hurting myself or not?” Pamela W. Co-Founder YogAnalysis