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Pamela Wallman – Forever learning. Forever growing. Forever grateful for opportunities that present ways to expand. Believer that all people are perfect and contained in a temporary body. Practicing yoga for 12 or so years and decided 2 years ago to dive into yoga teacher training (300 hr) to deepen her own practice. Forever hooked on flowing on and off the mat.  Co-creator of YogAnalysis which has been driven with her husband Dr. John. Her formal education is concentrated as a learning specialist with a MA in English language education and undergrad in Special Education. For the past 20 years she has been educating adults at the collegiate level and children of special needs. She has taken her expertise and used it to create courses for yoga therapists and yoga instructors. Much gratitude for recently approved YogAnalysis 101 and 201 courses for continuing education for yoga instructors and yoga therapists.

Dr. John M. Wallman is a founder of Long Island Integrated Yoga . He attended the Manhattan School of Music for percussion and, inspired by the concept of “yoga is union”, started practicing yoga in 1973. For 8 years he toured with and/or led kirtan groups through the northeast. He is a doctor of chiropractic with specialties in nutrition and exercise since 1981 and has been president of the Diagnosis Foundation since 2011. He helped establish the International Space University and their interdisciplinary Master’s Degree program and has been providing health care services to professional athletes such as the US Open golf championship and AVP beach volleyball since 2015. Unifying all these experiences, he developed YogAnalysis and their certified courses in assessment as a way to holistically evaluate clients and provide them with customized yoga programs so that every body can grow in the ways they need.