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  • Yoga Anatomy, Physiology & Bio-mechanics Modules for YTT
  • YogAnalysis Specialist
  • Yoga Anatomy Workshop – Jan 11, 2020, Saturday, 12:30-5:30 PM 

Yoga Anatomy, Physiology & Bio-mechanics Certification Modules

Summary: Do you want to:

  • Add an anatomy module to your yoga teacher training program that explains the causes of injuries?
  • Improve your teacher trainees’ confidence in addressing common yoga issues?
  • Learn the bio-mechanical basis of variations that decreases injuries?

We hear so frequently, that yoga instructors don’t feel confident about their anatomy. There is so much to learn in anatomy & physiology for yoga!  How do you choose what to teach in your course? The most valuable material to include in your courses needs to be not only informative, it also needs to be relevant and most importantly, it needs to be helpful… you, your trainees, their clients and your studio.

Our Yoga Anatomy & Physiology content focuses on the critically important yoga anatomy…the type of information that tells you how injuries develop, how to recover from them and what yoga can do to cause, prevent or accelerate repair.  We teach your students the anatomy information they need to know to give the right variations for each client.

Format: All our content is taught as “Live, Contact” hours and is consistent with Yoga Alliance requirements.  Our modules may be offered simultaneously as a component of your YTT program AND as a stand-alone continuing education Yoga Anatomy workshop. 


  • For modules incorporated into a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course – no prerequisites
  • For stand alone workshops – pre-requisite is Yoga Alliance RYT 200 or equivalent certification.  

Instructor: Our instructor is Dr. John Wallman.  He is a chiropractic physician, co-founder of YogAnalysis (YACEP), physician for professional athletes and president of the Diagnosis Foundation. He is an experienced faculty member who has taught anatomy, biomechanical diagnosis and wellness at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels. With 45 years of experience in yoga and clinical care and teaching, he is profoundly knowledgeable about the relationships between anatomy, yoga and health.  His teaching style is interactive, making the material easy to understand and inspire your yoga teacher trainees!

Modules: Our modules are available in 5 hour blocks (i.e. 5, 10, 15…35) to make them compatible with Yoga Alliance (YA) 200, 300 and 500 hour certification requirements.  Our content may be selected to provide any combination of Anatomy & Physiology requirements, Applied Anatomy requirements or electives.

Each module is 5 hours: 2 hrs regional anatomy, 2-physiology & bio-mechanics, 1-applied yoga anatomy

    • Module: 1 – Low back & hips
    • Module: 2 – Knees, ankles & feet
    • Module: 3 – Neck & shoulders
    • Module: 4 – Elbows, wrists & hands
    • Module: 5 – Mid-back, neurology & the mind
    • Module: 6 – Advanced yoga & performance
    • Module: Pre-Natal 1 – Low back & embryo
    • Module: Pre-Natal 2 – Abdominal & sex organs
    • Module: Kids 1 – Knees & digestive organs
    • Module: Kids 2 – Spine & neurology

Certification: All participants receive Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Certifications from the Diagnosis Foundation and YogAnalysis.  Hours may be applied to YogAnalysis certification.

Yoga Alliance Requirements: These modules meet the requirements for inclusion in Yoga Alliance teacher training courses or may be used for Yoga Alliance approved continuing education.  For Yoga Alliance Anatomy & Physiology requirements in their 200, 300 & 500 hour certification courses, click here.  For Yoga Alliance requirements on Continuing Education courses, click here.

Costs:  YTT Directors &/or studios  are under no obligation to alter their fee schedules for providing our education programs.  

  • For YTT Courses – $9/person/hour (i.e. For a course with 6 students registered, the cost for a 5 hour module would be – 5 hr x 6 people x $9 = $270 )
  • For combined YTT Courses and Workshops – $9/person/hour
  • For stand alone Yoga Anatomy Workshops – Contact us for pricing

YogAnalysis Dasa Certification

We offer certification classes to become a YogAnalysis Specialist.

  • YogAnalysis Dasa – Performing and Implementing the YogAnalysis A & P 

Summary: Learn how to perform the YogAnalysis Assessments & Plan (A & P). Included are assessment techniques for 54 muscle tests and 54 range of motion assessments. Then learn how to translate these assessment results into a YA Plan.  Learn over 300 corrective exercises and stretches as well as how to select & vary yoga postures based upon the YA Assessment results.

PreRequisites: Yoga Alliance – RYT200, C-IAYT, or licensed health care provider with yoga experience.

Courses – YogAnalysis 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, 204

Each course includes 32 contact hours of instruction and may be used for continuing education for both Yoga Alliance (YA) and International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). 

Applied Yoga Anatomy Workshop

What: Do you feel confident about your yoga anatomy? Learn how injuries develop, how to recover from them and what yoga can do to cause, prevent or accelerate repair. Learn the right variations for each pose. This workshop focuses on the low back, hips, knees & feet. May be used for Yoga Alliance continuing education.
For: Yoga instructors, therapists and yoga enthusiasts.
Instructor: Dr. John Wallman.  A chiropractic physician, co-founder of YogAnalysis, physician for professional athletes and president of the Diagnosis Foundation. He has taught anatomy, bio-mechanical diagnosis and wellness at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels. He has 45 years of experience in yoga, clinical care and teaching. 
When: Jan 11, 2020, Saturday, 12:30-5:30 PM
Where: Long Island Integrated Yoga, 2805 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 10, Ronkonkoma, NY 
Price: $75 ($50 for LIIY employees)