YogAnalysis Certification

As a certified YogAnalysis Specialist, you will learn how to:

  • Perform 108 YogAnalysis assessments – individual muscle strength tests, Ranges Of Motion, functional movements, posture analysis
  • Develop a YogAnalysis Plan of yoga poses to emphasize, avoid or vary as well as corrective exercises and stretches to perform.
  • Implement the YogAnalysis Plan into a client’s private yoga lessons or group class

With each of the 6 modules of the YogAnalysis Certification program, your skill and knowledge will improve to the point where your confidence in tackling even difficult yoga situations will be dramatically improved.  Students -in-progress with at least 3 modules will be included in our referral network to implement private lessons with clients who have received A & Ps from certified specialists.

Every module includes in depth anatomy, physiology & bio-mechanics.


  • YogAnalysis 101: Ranges Of Motion – Lower Body
  • YogAnalysis 102: Ranges Of Motion – Upper Body
  • YogAnalysis 201: Muscle Strength Testing – Lower Body with A-P Movements
  • YogAnalysis 202: Muscle Strength Testing – Lower Body with M-L Movements
  • YogAnalysis 203: Muscle Strength Testing – Upper Extremity
  • YogAnalysis 204: Muscle Strength Testing – Torso & Advanced Studies

Upcoming Schedule

YogAnalysis 201: Muscle strength Testing – Lower Body with A-P Movements

Dates: April 18, 19, 25, 26 – Saturdays & Sundays from